Are Vitamins and Supplements the Secret to Increase Stamina?

Using Vitamins and Supplements to treat Premature ejaculation.

All things considered, taking a vitamin supplement to treat your premature ejaculation can offer rewarding results to enhance your sex life allowing you to enhance your sex life and time spent during intercourse. Everyone is looking for the stamina secret pdf but below is a list of some of the natural treatments used by several men today to reduce their symptoms of premature ejaculation.



Naturally found in its plant form the roots of this plant are used in the manufacture medicine used to treat heartburn, circulation problems, insomnia, loss of appetite as well as triggering menstrual periods in some women.

Orally taken Angelica is additionally use to improve sex drive, increase the production of urine and when combined with other herbs is also used to treat men suffering from premature ejaculation by increasing the threshold of sensitivity in the penis allowing the man to stay longer without reaching an orgasm.


Cinnamon Bark


While there is no secret to stamina improvement, material obtained from the Cinnamon tree the cinnamon bark is used as a method of treating diarrhea, stimulating appetite, fighting infections caused by parasitic worms and bacteria, a remedy for the common cold and for menstrual cramps in women and more. Learn more about it here.

The cinnamon bark as part of a multi-ingredient compound, is often topically applied to the penis as a form of treatment for men experiencing premature ejaculation.

Treating your Premature ejaculation with Penile prosthesis

Prior to the development of nonsurgical treatment options for erectile dysfunction, men suffering from premature ejaculation were often mistakenly diagnosed with erectile dysfunction which would result in the recommendation to undergo a penile prosthesis implantation.

Penile prosthesis advice


Nonetheless the surgery would often yield unsatisfactory results as the man after having the procedure done would although able to maintain an adequate erection would still ejaculate prematurely. As far a penis growth guide can go, it is important to get good advice for this treatment! So consult this also.

Today, surgery involving penile implants are rarely performed as more and more nonsurgical treatment methods are being used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, resulting in the unlikely possibility of the man experiencing any irreparable harm from an incorrect diagnosis of erectile dysfunction instead of premature ejaculation.

Freezing of the Overactive Nerve Tissue


In a recent experiment into premature ejaculation in men conducted in the city of Chicago, an unusual approach was taken which included the freezing of penile nerve tissue to lessen the sensation of overactive nerves allowing men to enhance their sexual activity up to three times longer before reaching an orgasm. More Here:


The study which included the technique performed on 24 men who were non-responsive to traditional medical treatments. Prior to the procedure the men were found on average to experience a premature ejaculation 36 seconds before or during the sexual activity, subsequently lasting around 110 seconds before ejaculation three months after the procedure was completed.  See WebMD.


The procedure which involves inserting a small hole within the skin just below the belly button and using graphical imaging for direction, the surgeon is able to access one of the two dorsal nerves of the penis recognized as the cause of premature ejaculation. The surgeon then freezes the nerve thus making it no longer active.


Although still in its experimental stage and easily performed, the operation lasts about 45 minutes and the only complaint ever reported by the patient has been a slight cold sensation.


Patients having undergone the procedure were routinely questioned on their sexual satisfaction. Notably all the men reported improvements in their sexual activity relative to their premature ejaculation without any significant side-effects.


Some men however during the third month after having the procedure started prematurely ejaculating again which recognized the procedure as inconclusive in its findings and as such subject to further research.


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